Kinesthetic Empathy in Leadership with Lauren Connolly

Audrey Cavenecia
4 min readFeb 23, 2022

You can have the best-looking workplace, a slew of awards for being an awesome boss, and a boatload of cash to impress your employees, but if you don’t have kinesthetic empathy for your employees, you’re missing out on a significant aspect of good leadership. What exactly does one mean by kinesthetic empathy?

In this episode, we have Lauren Connolly explain kinesthetic empathy and how it applies to real life. She explains how the term connects to body and space, revolves around awareness and a sense of responsibility, and brings a sense of psychological safety among your coworkers. She also discusses the importance of emotional intelligence, a no-judgment mindset, and acceptance of imperfection in leadership.

Tune in to learn everything you need to know about developing kinesthetic empathy in leadership!

What You Will Learn In This Episode

[10:56] Kinesthetic empathy involves the body and space. It involves being aware and responsible for what’s happening in space in front of you.

[16:35] Does kinesthetic empathy have anything to do with the physical body?

[26:15] Understanding kinesthetic empathy in leadership and the psychological safety that comes from being a leader supporting leaders

[30:39] Welcoming new people onto your team could also invite fresh perspectives that benefit your growth.

[36:23] As the world continues to evolve, you need to adapt yourself to the changes. You need to be comfortable with disruption.

[37:49] Learning to be resilient and seeing every downfall as a lesson. Lauren Connolly explains the superpower of emotions.

[41:03] Where do you begin if you’d like to learn kinesthetic empathy? Lauren Connolly has an interesting suggestion for you — to watch people, don’t talk to them, just watch them.

[45:56] How to not let judgments and opinions overpower you

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