From Pain To Purpose: Why You Need Feelings and Freedom In Leadership with Kathei McCoy

Audrey Cavenecia
3 min readFeb 23, 2022

Walking your way out of grief is never easy. And if it’s the loss of a loved one, it could dismantle you like nothing else can. It takes inexplicable strength to reemerge from a traumatic experience, which only a few people succeed at — by redirecting their pain to a newly found purpose.

In this episode, we have coach Kathei McCoy throw light on her journey, gathering the strength to come out of the trauma of losing her own son through murder. Kathei amplifies the state of all mothers, especially black mothers, in constant fear of the safety of their children, what it’s like nurturing your children with freedom and feelings, and how she healed herself to turn her pain into purpose.

You’ll learn the power of vulnerability, open dialogue, feelings, relationship-building, and coming out of fear to finally open yourself to life. Tune in!

What You Will Learn In This Episode

[03:41] Kathei McCoy explains how mothers exhibit phenomenal strength taking care of children, nurturing and raising them

[05:33] Why black women often face a sense of urgency around the safety of their children

[12:11] From grief to service: Kathei McCoy explains how she dealt with the murder of her son and fought her trauma to help mothers fearing or having to heal with the same

[18:29] Trauma post Kathei McCoy’s son’s death and the succession of events that led to that

[23:20] Talking yourself through the shock and disconnect post a traumatic experience

[28:43] How it was like raising her son and the kind of things Kathei McCoy recollects her son was attached to the most

[34:51] Kathei McCoy recollects the time learning her son had been murdered

[39:31] Turning her pain into purpose and why Kathei McCoy decided to coach women out of the painful situations they experienced in life

Audrey Cavenecia

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