3 Simple Steps To Get Past Imposter Syndrome And Restore Confidence As A Leader

Audrey Cavenecia
3 min readDec 21, 2021

It can feel like the world is a closed space — where everyone else knows the secrets to success and that you are alone in your obscurity. It can feel like you have to constantly do MORE to show up as the expert (you think they think) you are. Sounds familiar? Experts call it imposter syndrome or imposter phenomenon, and it’s what causes you to feel like a fraud in your field of expertise. It puts you through a pressurizing competition with yourself. Today, we’re exploring the phenomenon in conscious detail.

In this episode, Audrey translates imposter syndrome in simple words for anyone who wants to know how it feels. She discusses why women are especially prone to its wrath in leadership roles, the situations that underpin its negativities, and how they tend to respond to such pressure. You’ll learn 3 simple and effective ways to break away from its trap and feel confident as a leader during speaking events or meetings.

Tune in for an honest, unfiltered take on the imposter phenomenon and let it flow past you like a breeze.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [01:27] All you need to know about imposter syndrome: what it is, how it makes you feel, and how it increases your anxiety levels by manifold times
  • [04:12] What stats say about imposter syndrome (among women, especially)
  • [06:02] The situations that reinforce imposter syndrome — invisibility (because it causes a disconnect from the accountability you were given already) and challenging your abilities and putting obstacles in your way.
  • [09:02] The imposter syndrome trap — how it makes you overdo what you do to make sure you deserve to be where you are.
  • [10:02] Why the imposter syndrome should not be a perpetual happening but rather just a phenomenon
  • [11:17] How to overcome imposter syndrome
  • [12:06] Eliminating imposter
Audrey Cavenecia

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